Millennials are Reviving the Vinyl Record Industry

We currently live in a time where music can be downloaded, listened to, and shared with relative ease. Thanks to applications such as Spotify or Apple Music, with just a simple click of a button the newest release of your favorite artist can be in your pocket. This is no surprise since music has been quite dynamic over the past couple of decades. In the early 2000s, it was common to listen to music on CD’s and before that cassettes. Most of these alternative ways to listen to music have died in the past as technology improves, or at least we thought. With nostalgia having a large effect on modern society, we have begun to see the resurgence of vinyl.

The popularity of vinyl albums is growing rapidly as common storefronts such as Target and Urban Outfitters are attempting to capitalize on this new trend. 


Each year, vinyl sales are increasing by double digits, with 2018 having a 12% increase.

This phenomenon may seem strange for something that left the mainstream in 1991, however, there are reasons behind the sudden growth in vinyl.

A large selling point for vinyl albums is that they supposedly sound better than other music formats. While this is true in some sense, there are many arguments to be had about this statement. On one hand, vinyl is fully analog and lossless. Essentially, this means the sound you hear on vinyl is the closest you will get to what the artist originally intended. However, this will not always be the sound you receive. With many recently produced vinyl is produced from digital masters, listeners tend to lose that crisp, clear sound to you are accustomed to hearing. It seems to be the idea of listening to your favorite song or artist in its highest quality that has pushed forward the popularity of vinyls.

Artists have also realized the potential of vinyls in the modern world and have been quick to jump on the new trend. From Taylor Swift to Travis Scott, artists from all genres have begun advertising special edition vinyl for their newest vinyl. The reason for this is simple. The sales revenue from vinyl is much higher than music streaming services.

In 2015, there was a thirty-one-million-dollar difference in revenue between vinyl and streaming sales. With popularity only increasing, we can expect to see more and more artists producing vinyl for their newest albums.

Beyond the technicalities of the vinyl and the music industry lies the real truth of why vinyl is selling so well. They are unbelievably cool. From the enlarged cover art to the small trinkets inside the vinyl, it feels like a gift from your favorite artist. As your collection grows, it tells a story about yourself and your ever-changing taste in music. As nostalgia continues to bring back old trends, the resurgence of vinyl’s is one we all hope will never die.

Written by Eric Peck

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